You Don't Go to Church!

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When then the word ‘church’ gets dropped into a conversation, the mind immediately retrieves a whole load of photographic memories that have the potential to stir up either positive or negative emotions. It’s these feelings that decide whether or not we store this word in box marked like, dislike or couldn’t care less.

While some dismiss the church as an archaic institution with little relevance in a modern world, others believe it to be a God idea that ultimately will become the hope of the world.

But whatever our thoughts and feelings are, perhaps the key question is, ‘Does our concept of church match what God had in mind?’, because when comparing the past with the present, one is left wondering if something got lost in translation.

Aimed at changing attitudes, this informative animation takes a trip back in time to show church as an alternative society having a transforming influence on the world around us.

For those interested in the Christian faith, this is a ‘must see’ film.