Who Do You Think You Are?

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I wonder if like me you have ever searched your family history, wondering if you are related to royalty, the rich or famous. Sadly, in my case, neither is true. Looking back is not always helpful for moving forward. Searching for significance, to find that something or someone in which we can find fulfilment, is often fraught with difficulties.

For those who call themselves a Christ Follower, the desire to move on with their lives is often hindered by voices from the past. Who Do You Think You Are! is a short-animated film to help Christians to deal with their past in a biblical and practical way! As someone once said ‘The Secret of day by day victory is knowing who we are in Christ!’ This video puts our past into God’s perspective. Speaking of our true identity this short video talks about our horrible past so as to help us to step into our incredible future as a Christ Follower.