Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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First in the Coffee Chats series, this film is foundational to all that follows. With its non-religious, non-threatening approach to life, this video offers an ideal way to kick-start a conversation about life, faith and spiritual matters.

From the pressures of building a multi-million-dollar coffee business, to the everyday use of mobile phones, ‘Wake Up & Smell the Coffee’ uses present-day illustrations to challenge our perspective on life. And because great conversations always start with a great question, this film asks: ‘Has humanity drifted away from what the founder originally intended, and if so, do we need to take time out to rethink the way we do life?’

Presenting the possibility of a one-to-one conversation with God and how we believe in the unseen, this video is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to initiate a one-to-one conversation or group discussion about life, faith and Christianity.