JESUS: More than a Swear Word!

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When asked who Jesus Christ was, some British schoolchildren concluded that he was a striker for Chelsea football team. Add to this the fact that many adults have put baby Jesus, along with Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy, in a room marked Fantasy, Fiction or Fairy Tale, then questions have to asked about the existence of the historic Christ.

The statistics are staggering. With a growing number of people wondering whether or not the biblical Jesus actually existed, the need for clarify is self-evident.

A natural follow-on to Wake Up & Smell the Coffee, this short animation sets up an imaginary courtroom drama in which the witnesses are questioned, the evidence is examined and the prosecuting and defence council is listened to. The film endeavours to find answers to three simple questions: ‘Did Jesus live?’ ‘If so, did he lie? And finally and perhaps the most crucial question of all, ‘Did he last?’

If truth needs evidence, then this video seeks to bring about a verdict that simply says, ‘Jesus is more than a swear word, he’s all that God has to say!’