Isn't the Bible Boring?

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If trainee pilots are taught how not to crash a plane, I sometimes wonder if potential Bible-readers shouldn’t receive the same kind of training before attempting to fly solo – if they did, maybe fewer people would crash and burn on their first attempt.

Because many see the Bible as a good storybook, textbook, fairytale or piece of pure fiction, it’s not high on their list of must read books. Accepting the fact that the Bible isn’t like any other book, this video seeks to disarm the common-held belief that this ancient piece of literature is difficult, complicated, confusing and boring. Who’d have thought that a book that’s a number-one best-seller and found in the majority of hotel rooms around the Western hemisphere, would ever be called boring!

Seeking to visually counteract these arguments, this short animation uses the analogy of flying to illustrate how Bible reading can become the adventure of a lifetime and, with help, gives us a totally different perspective on life – taking us to places we only dreamed of.