I’m a Believer Get me out of here!

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Napkin Notes

Napkin Notes are ideal for use in one-to-one or group discussion and provide some great questions and themes to help chat through the video with your friends.


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Is becoming a Christ Follower a bit like choosing to become a fan of a particular sport’s team. You are expected to attend weekly events, wear team colours and occasional sing nostalgic songs. Or is it something far more radical than that?

‘I’m a believer get me out of here!’ sets up a conversation around the idea that becoming a Christian involves a process of radical change! Using the miracle of nature as a backdrop, this short animation looks at the spiritual transformation that takes place in those who call themselves Christian.

Although each Coffee Chat film is a stand-alone conversation piece, when used as part of a series, this video would be seen as a grand finale. Ideal for chatting about the incredible changes that potentially take place in a Christ follower, this animation will undoubtedly create some great discussion.